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National Healthcare Activist Regina Holliday Visits The College

Regina Holliday, a healthcare advocate, shared her emotional past that motivated her to make a difference. On February 19th, 2014, Holliday came to visit Professor Yifeng Hu’s “New Media and Health Communication” class to discuss her nation-wide movement, The Walking Gallery. She also presented her inspiring story to a large audience of students and faculty from a variety of departments the next afternoon (here and here).

Regina Holliday Talking to Hu's Class

An artist, Holliday paints an image on the back of a jacket that represents an important moment in one’s life, mostly health related. The jacket is a way to share a personal story with the world. She has been fighting for improvements in healthcare ever since her husband passed away from kidney cancer.

She addresses many current issues occurring in the healthcare industry in her paintings, calling attention to topics such as hospital patient reports and easier access to electronic medical records. Hu’s class is studying these and other areas of healthcare communication and the ways in which they are being transformed by today’s modern technology. Students who take this course major in communication studies, biology, nursing, among others, and many of them are either Public Health Minors or have joined the Interdisciplinary Health Communication Concentration.

Regina Holliday & Yifeng Hu

Holliday continues to speak at universities and medical conferences around the world. She paints what inspires her and blogs about her experiences. While visiting The College she created a painting entitled, “Hope,” for the Department of Communication Studies, the major sponsor of her campus-wide speech. The image depicts three students who she encountered at The College that made a lasting impression on her. When she recalled her thought process on the piece, she said, “In the moment, it’s energy and life and light.”