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Alumni from the Communication Studies department have gone on to have fulfilling, successful careers. Below is a list of some recent alumni, which can help prospective and current Communication Studies students visualize possible future careers.

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kyle bauer

Kyle Bauer ’15

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After graduating in May 2015 with a specialization in Public & Mass Communication, Kyle now works as an Associate Strategic Planner for McCann Echo.


michelle nitti

Michelle Nitti ’15

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Michelle is a communications coordinator for Fidelity Investments.


christopher minitelli

Christopher Minitelli ’15

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Christopher works as a Client Service Representative for VH1 Networks, where he works with a number of different groups to manage multimillion-dollar accounts as they move through the post-sale process.


tyler miller

Tyler Miller ’15

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Tyler is a facilitator at Carver & Associates, where he conducts programs to help people reach their full potential.

jaqueline ilkowitz

Jaqueline Ilkowitz ’15

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Jaqueline works as a Production Coordinator at Comedy Central.


rachel chlebowski

Rachel Chlebowski ’14

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Rachel works as an Editorial Assistant at Random House Children’s Books.


angelica anas

Angelica Anas ’14

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Angelica is a PR specialist at Rutgers University.


regina yorkgitis

Regina Yorkgitis ’14

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Regina is currently a 7th grade science teacher at Ridge Road Middle School near Charlotte, North Carolina.


kylie moore

Kylie Moore ’14

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Kylie is a Live Events Coordinator for NJ 101.5 where she coordinates logistics for live events and manages event budgets.


noelle paredes

Noelle Paredes ’14

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Noelle is an Editorial Assistant for HGTV Magazine.

tara criscuolo

Tara Criscuolo ’14

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Tara works as the Marketing Coordinator for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s national office. AFSP’s goal is to reduce the annual suicide rate in the U.S. 20 percent by 2025.


william anari jr

William Anari, Jr ’14

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William works in the Business Development department at WheyClean LLC.


natalie schiavi

Natalie Schiavi ’14

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Natalie is a liability claims adjuster for Allstate Insurance.

joanna jia

Joanna Jia ’14

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Joanna works as an Inside Account Manager at SHI International Corp. where she is in charge of directing end-users through their company’s internal procurement process.


jason chalmers

Jason Chalmers ’14

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Jason works at AOL Platforms as a Growth Analyst.


leah depalo

Leah DePalo ’14

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Leah is a marketing associate specialist at Canon USA, where she develops outbound marketing materials to promote products and services and assists in the development of email and Web promotional campaigns.


alexis ganz

Alexis Ganz ’14

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Alexis is an Account Executive at Bliss Integrated Communication, where she creates and executes strategic media relations and marketing campaigns for several of the firm’s professional and financial services clients.


sarah mcdougall

Sarah McDougall ’14

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Sarah is an English teacher at the Bunyawat Witthayalai School in Thailand.


lauryn resotka

Lauryn Resotka ’13

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Lauryn is an account manager and graphic designer at WW Hospitality Marketing, where she manages four hospitality properties and designs advertising materials.


michelle futerfas

Michelle Futerfas ’13

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Michelle is an associate project manager at Red Nucleus and an instructor and graduate fellow at the University of Maryland.


jessica hernandez

Jessica Hernandez ’13

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Jessica is a Client Service Coordinator at the Banfield Pet Hospital where she assists clients and managers finances.


thomas riley

Thomas Riley ’13

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Thomas is a financial adviser for McAdam Financial Group.


amy wilson

Amy Wilson ’13

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Amy is a Marketing Associate for Duff & Phelps.


kara ukaegbu

Kara Ukaegbu ’13

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Kara is an Administrative Assistant at Silverstein Properties, Inc. where she prepares agreements with contractors and prepares vendor contracts, among other duties.


rebecca nurbin

Rebecca Nurbin ’13

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Rebecca is a business-to-business Sales Consultant for Staples Business Advantage.


gabrielle messunger

Gabrielle Messinger ’13

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Gabrielle is an Inside Sales Representative at ACDC Solar, LLC.


tyler fugazzie

Tyler Fugazzie ’13

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Tyler is the Marketing and Communications manager at Virtual Enterprises International, Inc.


jane howell

Jane Howell ’13

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Jane is a Client Acquisition Specialist at iCIMS, where she helps develop relationships with potential new customers. She also maintains accurate and current records of customer interactions and transactions.


caroline english

Caroline English ’13

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Caroline is currently a research assistant for Freakonomics.


victoria covert

Victoria Covert ’13

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Victoria is the Director of Client Services at ExecuJobs.


lisa mckeegan

Lisa McKeegan ’13

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Lisa works as an account manager at Twist Mktg, a W2O company.

melissa radzimski

Melissa Radzimski ’13

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Melissa is a social media editor at The Huffington Post.

u-jin lee

U-Jin Lee ’13

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U-Jin is a correspondent and digital reporter for, where she is an anchor and producer on the daily shows “What to Watch on Wall Street”​ and “Analysts’​ Actions”.


audrey hix

Audrey Hix ’12

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Audrey is an Outreach Coordinator at Vermont Natural Coatings where she coordinates outreach events and helps build and support partner relationships.


angela pineiro

Angela Pineiro ’12

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Angela is a Strategic Account Coordinator at Microsoft.


emily mankowski

Emily Mankowski ’12

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Emily is a Technical Strategic Sourcer for athenahealth, where she works with recruiters and hiring managers to find talent.


kaitlin connor

Kaitlin Connor ’12

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Kaitlin is a Community Manager at Social Edge Consulting, LLC. where she assists businesses with the implementation of social collaboration communities.


eboni wingo

Eboni Wingo ’12

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Eboni is an Account Executive at TogoRun where she coordinates the public relations tactics for the FDA approval of oncology drugs.

ellina sukharenko

Ellina Sukharenko ’12

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Ellina works as a Claims Supervisor for Progressive Insurance where she manages a team of representatives and also helps train new representatives.


robert tronolone jr

Robert Tronolone, Jr. ’12

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Robert is a Data Analyst for SHI International Corp.


kathleen ward

Kathleen Ward ’12

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Kathleen works at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as a Senior Research Program Coordinator, where she manages day-to-day operations and develops and runs a peer mentor training and evaluation program.

salvatore paternostro

Salvatore Paternostro ’12

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Salvatore is an Office Manager at SiteCompli, an industry-leading compliance-monitoring technology, keeping buildings safe and compliant with local laws by analyzing data and turning it into actionable insights for real estate professionals that lower operating cost and risk.


ryan yorke

Ryan Yorke ’11

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Ryan is a Training Associate of Inside Sales for Global Knowledge.


danielle diglio

Danielle Diglio ’11

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Danielle is a 5th and 6th grade teacher at the St. Matthias School in Somerset, NJ.


colleen cawley

Colleen Cawley ’11

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Colleen is a computer operations analyst working in Quality Control for the University of Pennsylvania.


amanda coe

Amanda Coe ’11

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Amanda is an E-Marketing Specialist at Olympus.


hannah pagan

Hannah Pagan ’11, JD ’14

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Hannah works as a corporate counselor for Obsidian Analysis, Inc. and is a member of the Maryland Bar.

ashley platt

Ashley Platt ’11

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Ashley is the coordinator of Marketing Communications at iCIMS, where she develops marketing campaigns to contribute to departmental goals.

rebecca vogt

Rebecca Vogt ’11

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Rebecca is currently a reporter and fill-in anchor with Time Warner Cable News in Buffalo, New York. Prior to working at TWC News, she spent two years out west as a one-man-band reporter for KCFW, an NBC station in Kalispell, Montana. Rebecca also spent some time after graduation reporting for WGHT-AM, a local radio station in Pompton Lakes.


elizabeth fella

Elizabeth Fella ’11

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Elizabeth is an Account Manager at Yesmail where she oversees day-to-day with clients.

tara shanahan

Tara Shanahan ’11

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Tara is a Senior Publicist at Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade book publisher.

suha gur

Suha Gur ’11

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Suha is a video engineer at Sony Music Entertainment. Previously, he worked as a mixing and mastering engineer at Universal Music Group, where he was nominated for a Grammy award several times.


lauren lorenzo

Lauren Lorenzo ’10

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Lauren is a public relations professional with agency experience working with brands in the consumer products and technology industry. She currently works as a Toy & Consumer Tech at Coyne PR.


maren morsch

Maren Morsch ’10

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Maren is an Environmental Educator for the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

truc-lan vu

Truc-Lan Vu ’10, M.A ’12

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Truc-Lan is a 3rd-grade teacher in Summit, NJ.


raquel fleig

Raquel Fleig ’10

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Raquel is a Content Strategy Associate at iCIMS.


ashley minervini

Ashley Minervini ’10

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Ashley works for Carat USA, where she works as a social media manager for Macy’s.


renee damore

Renee D’Amore ’10

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Renee is an Assistant Vice President and a Learning and Development Associate at Bessemer Trust.


michael o'donnell

Michael O’Donnell ’10

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Michael is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Comcast Business, where he oversees all marketing-related activities in the Freedom Region (Metro Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware).


robin deehan

Robin Deehan ’10

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Robin is a reporter and multimedia journalist at KLBK, a station in Lubbock, Texas.


allison dimeglio

Allison DiMeglio ’09

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Allison is a Human Resources Associate at Moody’s Corporation.


matthew uhrich

Matthew Uhrich ’09

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Matthew is currently a Media Production Supervisor at Therapeutic Research Center in Stockton, California and also works in the control room for the Sacramento River Cats, the AAA affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.


janna raudenbush

Janna Raudenbush ’09

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Janna works as a Public Affairs Specialist for the Department of Agriculture. Her duties include creating communication strategies and fostering relationships with stakeholders.


erin dillon

Erin Dillon ’09

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Erin is the Coordinator of Health Promotion and Marketing for the Cambridge, Massachusetts Public Health Department.


jessica omland

Jessica Omland ’09

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Jessica is a sales recruiting specialist for Weichert, Realtors.


kristen kiernicki

Kristen Kiernicki ’09

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Kristen is a senior copywriter at Precision for Value and an Adjunct Professor for TCNJ’s Communication Studies department.

kevin gilligan

Kevin Gilligan ’09

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Kevin works at NASA Headquarters in the office of the Chief Financial Officer, where he helps formulate and develop NASA’s annual budget proposal.


teegan conti

Teegan Conti ’08

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Teegan is the Associate Director of Accounts at Strategic Group, where she manages day-to-day communication and contract negotiations.


stephanie berzinski

Stephanie Berzinski ’08

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Stephanie is an anchor and reporter for WPBF 25 News in West Palm Beach, Florida.


rachel harrison

Rachel Harrison ’08

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Rachel is a Public Affairs Officer at NYU.

andrew pearson

Andrew Pearson ’08

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Andrew works as a senior video producer at M Booth and also owns A.D. Pictures LLC, which produces high-quality video content for clients.


tracy pogue

Tracy Pogue ’07

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Tracy works as a Senior Account Director at R2Integrated where she helps increase efficiency and streamline product delivery.


Tom Hipper ’07

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Tom Hipper is the Program Manager of the Center for Public Health Readiness and Communication (CPHRC) at the Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health.

justin grazioli

Justin Grazioli ’07

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Justin is a senior Writer/Producer/Editor at Syfy in the marketing and on-air promotions department, and is responsible for creating promos, trailers, bonus content, and other campaign assets for various shows and movies.


annelise catanzaro

Annelise Catanzaro ’06

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Annelise is a manager at Barnabas Health where she helps recruit top physicians and coordinates an initiative to help prepare residents to launch their medical careers.

anna brodetsky-lubischer

Anna Brodetsky-Lubischer ’06

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Anna is the Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Burn-n-Blast Training and also works as a freelancer in public relations and marketing.

meghan becker

Meghan Becker ’06

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Meghan is a senior account manager of the Government department at John Wiley and Sons.

amy kester

Amy Kester ’06

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Amy works for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Financial Services where she helps create strategic marketing campaigns.


kendall anderson

Kendall Anderson ’06

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Kendall is the US Health Project Director at Hall & Partners.


shaheen mamawala

Shaheen Mamawala ’06

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Shaheen is currently an associate at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


carly reichert blake

Carly Reichert Blake ’05

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Carly is a Producer at the Optimum Community TV network, where she supervises field producers and also oversees the entire master schedule for the network.


alex rotsettis

Alex Rotsettis ’05

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Alex is the national Director of Onsite Strategic Accounts at Concentra,


katelyn leondi

Katelyn Leondi ’05

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Katelyn is the head of Communications at ProSight Specialty Insurance, where she is responsible for the development and implementation of global communications programs.

sean ogrady

Sean O’Grady ’04

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Sean is a Communications Strategist at Oxford Communications. Sean is an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, and management consultant who has been featured on CNN, Fox Business, Yahoo!, USA TODAY, NBC News, ABC News and various local affiliates nationwide.


keith campbell

Keith Campbell ’04

View LinkedIn Profile

Keith is a Public Relations and Social Media Manager at ICF International.

jessica shaheen

Jessica Shaheen ’04

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Jessica is a teacher and communications support specialist at Immaculate Heart Academy.


elizabeth hopkins

Elizabeth Hopkins ’02

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Elizabeth is a morning anchor and host at FOX Boston WFXT.


brian mccrone

Brian McCrone ’02

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Brian is a news writer, editor, and producer for


kyle lake

Kyle Lake ’99

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Kyle is the CEO of Prosper Media Group, a video production corporation. He also runs the nonprofit kNOwMORE project which has developed into a statewide educational television series, airing on PBS affiliate KET.


nichol gee

Nichol Gee ’95

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Nichol is an independent consultant for The Pampered Chef, a a high-quality kitchen product vendor, and is also an office manager at the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority.

mike maney

Mike Maney ’91

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Mike is currently the vice president of Brand and Communications at Cloud Foundry Foundation. Previously he was a President at Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic and a Director of corporate communications at Alcatel-Lucent.


laura de zutter

Laura de Zutter

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Laura is a Vice President at MCS Healthcare Public Relations.

marissa monticolo

Marissa Monticolo

View LinkedIn Profile

Marissa is the Media Director at Capital Brands, LLC. where she specializes in client/vendor management, radio promotion, and TV/Radio production.

melissa lerner

Melissa Lerner

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Melissa is a Director at Edmentum, where she is responsible for all sales and account management in the Adult & Higher Education department in the northeast.

maria pahuja

Maria Pahuja

View LinkedIn Profile

Maria is the Director of Operations at Vimeo on Demand, a division of Vimeo.


Alumni Events

In May 2015 the Communication Studies Department hosted an Alumni Reunion Weekend.