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Internship Spotlight – Madison Storcella ’19

girl smilingName: Madison Storcella

Major: Communication Studies

Track: Mass Media and Social Media

Minors: Marketing and Management

Graduation Year: Spring 2019

On-campus Involvement: Vice President of Scholarship and Membership for Lambda Pi Eta, Fundraising Chair for TCNJam, Vice President of the Strategic Communication Club, Sigma Kappa Sorority, Society for Human Resources Management, Research Assistant for Project EmpowHER


94.5 PST, Promotions Intern (Summer 2016)
Legends at Yankee Stadium, Premium Event Intern (Summer 2017)
Fox Sports Radio, Marketing Intern (Fall 2017)
Fox News, Guest Relations Intern (Spring 2018)
News America Marketing, Account Management Intern (Summer 2018)

What drew you to the Communication Studies department and major?

I have always enjoyed being an internal voice and spreading awareness for events, ideas, or organizations. Since a young age, I was always into Public Relations and learning how individuals are persuaded to buy or invest in specific things. When I came to TCNJ, the Communication Studies major spoke to me because I would be able to take courses such as Theories of Persuasion, Strategic of Public Relations, or Organizations and Leadership where I could find strategic ways to execute my ideas. Communication Studies is crucial is a multitude of field which is another part of why I love it because I have many passions and can use this major in all of them. The faculty in the department was so approachable, and all wanted to help me, and this also was a reason I chose it.

Describe your internship and your role.

Each internship I did different things but most of these included working with clients, planning and organizing events, establishing concrete public relations goals, creating graphics that would be persuasive for our target audience, and creating relationships with peers and coworkers.

What was your best memory at your internship?

I have thoroughly loved having multiple internship experiences because each one gave me a new perspective or idea for something I could see myself doing. However, my all time best memory was this summer at News America Marketing completing our own sales plan. We worked from square one building up a wonderful plan and presented it to executives. At the end of the presentation, all of my teammates felt so proud that we were able to culminate everything we learned all summer in real life. At this point, we all felt like everything we learned came together.

What is one skill you have improved upon while at your internship?

I have improved upon my interpersonal communication skills by having conversation with clients, coworkers and more. Having information from my courses has guided me in the right direction, however practicing and utilizing my skills on a day to day basis has allowed me to grow dramatically. Secondly, I would say I have improved upon my multitasking skills by balancing multiple projects at once.

How did the Communication Studies Department prepare you for your internship?

I have hands down utilized my classes in my personal and professional life on a daily basis.

What are your career goals and how did your internship align with your goals?

Post graduation I will be utilizing my love of persuasion and going into a Sales Account Coordinator for News America Marketing. My role here is guiding organizations throughout consumers entire path to purchase to link them to a product of their needs. I love sales because it is hands on working with people and for companies every uses.

Do you have any advice for students applying for internships?

I would say be open! I had many ideas and plans I wrote out for myself and found it hard to deviate from. However, my best experiences were the ones I decided to take a risk on. Try anything and everything, even if you do not love it you will learn something about yourself from it.