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Internship Spotlight – Caroline R. Muccifori ’20

headshotName: Caroline R. Muccifori

Major: Communication Studies

Track: Mass Media and Social Media

Graduation Year: May 2020

On-campus Involvement: Varsity softball for 6-time National Champion TCNJ Lions, TCNJ Athletics Sports Media Assistant, Social Media Manager for Lion Dog, Italian Club

When and Where did you Intern: Social Media, Marketing and Talent Relations Intern Soulberri, Brigantine/Atlantic City, NJ (May 2018-September 2018)

What drew you to the Communication Studies department and major?

I was drawn to the Communications Studies Department because of its reputation as a dynamic leader in the ever evolving communications field. The Department offers classes in traditional communications areas such as television and film, as well as the new communications areas such as social media. Further, the professors and other members of the Communications Department faculty are top-notch, and well connected in the industry.

Describe your internship and your role.

I was the only intern hired last summer by this innovative new health food eatery in the Atlantic City area, responsible for implementing and optimizing all social media platforms for this company founded by Food Network TV Star Nicole Gaffney. I was responsible for designing, producing and publishing colorful, attractive and entertaining daily posts from Memorial day to Labor day across all platforms, resulting in a tremendous influx of customers and publicity.

What was your best memory at your internship?

The best memory of my internship was meeting world renowned chef and TV star Bobby Flay (See attached pictures). I covered the social media and publicity the summer day Bobby visited Soulberri. I spoke to Bobby for several minutes and told him that I majored in Communications at TCNJ, and coincidentally, Bobby said his daughter is also a Communications major at a well-known California university. We talked about the industry and Bobby said he had seen my posts and said really liked my work. It was a great memory and thrill.

What is one skill you have improved upon while at your internship?

One skill I improved upon was my listening skills. My boss Nicole and I would meet in person once a week and communicate daily. I listened to her feedback and ideas carefully. I would try to put myself in her shoes as the owner so that I could best carry out her vision for her business.

How did the Communication Studies Department prepare you for your internship?

The Communications Studies Department prepared me by giving me confidence in my abilities. The Department exposed me to all types of courses which expanded my thinking and honed my skills on how to reach people. My professors made me think creatively and encouraged me to think outside the box. Dr. Ryan’s Film and TV Studies classes, Professor Byrne’s TV Studio class and Professor Kline’s broadcasting class particularly prepared me well for internships in this field. I am really looking forward to working with Dr. D’Angelo, Farbman, Pollock, and Woodward, who are luminaries in their respective fields.

What are your career goals and how did your internship align with your goals:

My career goals are to be in charge of social media and publicity and help grow the business and brand for a professional sports team or entertainment company. My internship at Soulberri helped me because it exposed me to all aspects of a business from the ground floor up, and how crucial communications are in this digital world.

Do you have any advice for students applying for internships:

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. Look on social media for job postings and approach a business that interests you and offer your services. Persistence pays off.

group outside
Caroline speaking with Bobby Flay
posing outside with bobby flay
Caronline (right) with Bobby Flay and her coworker