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1st COMMTuesday Recap – About Everything!

September 24th, 3:30-4:30, the TCNJ Communication Studies Department Student Advisory Board hosted its first COMMTuesday event. About 30 students attended, and it was a great success due to the enthusiasm and passion of the students. The discussion topics ranged from internship experiences to resume writing, from t-shirt design ideas to specializations in the department. In the end, students expressed needs for more workshops in the department and more opportunities for networking. The board members hope that COMMTuesdays can spark a sense of community in the department.

Below are some feedback from attendees:

I thought it went very well and there were a lot of good talking points.- Marcos Ochoa
It was enjoyable and informative. I wish I could’ve stayed longer. – Johnathan Zobek
Thought it was a great experience and was excited to meet many new people. It was very informative to learn about what different specialties are in the comm major. I am happy I attended. – Alexa Natalicchio
It was really informative and I took away a lot of valuable information that I think will benefit me a lot. The snacks were great too. – Ann- Kerry Donaus

Save the date: the next COMMTuesday – Spring Scheduling, will be Tuesday, October 29th, 3:30-4:30, Kendall 233.