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Internship Spotlight – Theresa McBride ’19

Name: Theresa McBrideheadshot

Major: Communication Studies

Track: Interpersonal and Strategic Communication

Graduation Year: December 2019

When and where did you intern: Community Outreach Intern, AARP NJ State Office (June 2019-December 2019)

What drew you to Communication Studies?

Being able to connect with people and learn about how we interact

Describe your internship and your role.

During my time as an intern i developed in-depth knowledge of issues; gathered information and researching community specific topics, developed presentations, assisting in both planning and implementation of public facing community events and a major role in supporting work with volunteers at AARP events. Additionally, interacting with members and the general public at community forums and assisting in identifying potential sites for volunteer speaking engagements or events. After each event I needed to make sure provided logistical support before, during, and after events for volunteers and staff.

What is your best memory from your internship?

Going to the NJ Trenton Office for the AARP Stop RX Greed Campaign

What is one skill you improved upon while at your internship?

Communication skills with different departments leads and time management on projects

How did Communication Studies help prepare you for your internship?

Communication Studies helped me by preparing my interview skills, verbal and written communication styles, my intercultural communication class for our multicultural outreach.

Do you have any advice for students looking to apply for internships?

Practice interviewing so you can show why you would be a good candidate and also prepare how you will present your past jobs as how they can help you with this new position.

How did you balance your academics and internship?

Time management and to do lists were critical to my success. If you stay organized with your tasks, it’s a lot easier to manage multiple obligations at once.