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Internship Spotlight – Eunice Olugbile ’21

Name: Eunice Olugbile

woman looking back smilingMajor: Communication Studies

Track: Mass Media and Social Media

Graduation Year: 2021

On-Campus Involvement: i-Tunes A Cappella, EOF, HerCampus TCNJ, Lions Television

When and where did you intern: Summer 2020 at My Social Canvas

Describe your internship and your role:

At My Social Canvas, I was a Social Media Entrepreneur. My team and I were in charge of creating content for our region’s Instagram page for the duration of our internship, including hosting an Instagram live which was really great! We were given the opportunity to also use software like Figma, showcase our graphic design skills, and meet mentors from well known businesses. I loved this internship because we got opportunities to plan virtual events, work with people all over the country and the world, and network during a time where internships were really scarce.

What is your best memory from your internship?

My favorite memory from my internship was breaking out into my region Google Meet everyday and meeting with the girls from the Northeast. We got along so well and it was great working together everyday because it was more like working with friends! I also met an amazing mentor and we keep in touch to this day. I love her!

What is one skill that you improved upon while at your internship?

I improved upon my public speaking and graphic design skills during my internship.

How did Communication Studies help prepare you for your internship?

Taking COM 370: Digital Advertising prepared me for my internship!

Do you have any advice for students looking to apply for internships?

I applied to 50 internships before the summer of 2020 and only heard back from 4 of them that summer, and I’m still getting “Sorry to inform you” emails in 2021. Don’t be discouraged when they don’t answer you! Keep applying because you’ll get the opportunity you were meant to get.