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Internship Spotlight – Madison Potash ’23

Name: Madison Potash

Major: Communication Studies, Minors in Marketing, Psychology, and Graphic Design

Specialization: Mass Media and Social Media

Graduation Year: 2023

On-Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Omega, Lambda Phi Theta, TCNJ Music Theater, Deaf Hearing Connection, Lyric Theater, Chorale


What drew you into Communication Studies?

The field as a whole always interested me because communication impacts every single aspect of our lives. I specifically found public relations and social media communications to be something that I wanted to know more about, as it was always growing and changing and I felt like it would be a fulfilling topic to spend my life learning and experiencing.

Describe your internship and your role: I am an Outreach Intern, and my role includes the following responsibilities:

  • Attending various OTC events for consumers and staff to provide photogenic and print record
  • Content creation and editing for various OTC publications
  • Assisting with/taking ownership of various ongoing, or one-time, projects that are not dedicated to a specific department
  • Creating, editing, and publishing blog posts about the various events and content related to OTC consumers
  • Updating and maintaining OTC website for readability and SEO
  • Identifying and participating in various events to gain exposure for the OTC

What is one skill that you improved upon while at your internship?

My ability to analyze performance insights and use the information to improve my content creation.