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Internship Spotlight – Corynn Fazio ’22

Name: Corynn Fazio

Major: Communications Studies

Specialization: Interpersonal Strategic Communication

Graduation Year: Spring 2022

On-Campus Involvement: COM Student Advisory Board


What drew you into Communication Studies?

The flexibility and versatility of it. Good communicators are needed everywhere, in every field. While majors with very direct career paths have their perks too and are certainly needed, they can also be limiting. With Communications, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what interests you can be involved in.

Describe your internship and your role:

I am a Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Co-Op. I support the Sourcing Excellence team in a wide range of projects, including process mapping, data analysis, and revision tracking. As the Communications Lead and Project Manager for a department-wide project, I regularly check in with all of my coworkers to see how they’re doing and to ensure that everyone can meet their deadlines. Communication is key when it comes to ensuring everyone is on the same page and functioning.

What is one skill that you improved upon while at your internship?

Time management, for sure. I was okay with managing my time before this internship, however, now that I have a lot more to do, I need to stay on top of everything. This was initially difficult for me, but I now have a planner and keep a note-taking online document to ensure I don’t forget anything. I am much better at time management and being completely ready for whatever the day may bring thanks to this.