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TCNJ Weather Alert

Due to the impending snow storm, TCNJ will be closed on Wednesday, March 21 through noon on Thursday, March 22 (conditions permitting). See note for Residential Students.

Alert Posted on March 20th, 2018 at 7:14 pm

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Film and Television Studios

The Department has a 2500 square foot television studio exclusively for class and individual student use.  It has four studio cameras, lighting grid, and a fully equipped control room.  In addition, there are video edit suites with seven edit stations (both final Cut and Avid) and audio post suites equipped with Pro Tools.

We also have ten video field camera packages, ample field audio recording equipment and 11 film camera packages (ten 16mm and one 35mm).  There are seven location lighting kits and a camera dolly with track available.

All this equipment is exclusively available for use by our students; the overriding objective of the program is to have on hand all the resources our students need for creative expression.  With that in mind, we are constantly improving and updating the production facilities.