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Degree Program & Courses[PDF] | Health Communication Concentration

The Communication Studies program is a liberal arts major that emphasizes theory and practice in a variety of settings for human and mediated communication. The students in the department will develop the communication knowledge and skills that are needed in a rapidly changing society.

The department is divided into multiple specializations (sometimes referred to as sub plans) and one liberal learning concentration:

Health/Wellness Communication

Interpersonal/Organizational Communication

Public/Mass Communication


Liberal Learning Concentration


Because of the flexible nature of the field, the program can be easily tailored to accommodate individual interests, aptitudes, and career goals. Each students works with a faculty adviser to plan a program of study and complete a select group of required core courses. These courses introduce basic concepts and skills. Students also can take a variety of optional courses that allow for the pursuit of more specialized areas.

Students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and develop their creative talents and apply classroom learning through participation in 3_Interdisciplinaryextracurricular activities, internships, and conference presentations.The courses available cover a wide array of topics from health communication to interpersonal skills, political persuasion to television production.


Graduates from the department are strong candidates for positions in a variety of areas including public relations, human resources, health communication, administration, fundraising, advertising, sales, market research, media production, public affairs, public health, journalism, and much more.

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