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headshot“No other undergraduates from any other institution in the United States have accomplished anything remotely close to what students from The College of New Jersey have achieved.”

Dan O’Hair, Ph.D., Dean, School of Communications and Information Studies, University of Kentucky; former national president, National Communication Association



Rajiv N Rimal“It is wonderfully rare to see undergraduates present scholarly work at professional conferences. I cannot think of any other communication studies department in our field (other than The College of New Jersey) that has motivated undergraduates in this way. I have never seen any other department in the communication studies field demonstrate this level of commitment.”

Rajiv. N. Rimal, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director, Health Communication Program, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“I have always been inspired by the work TCNJ communication students produce. I have witnessed conference presentations in which TCNJ communication studies undergraduates can be trained to engage in peer-reviewed scholarship on critical public health issues that reaches the highest professional standards.”

Rajiv N. Rimal, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Senior Research Officer, AIDS Prevention Projects in Malawi, Uganda, and Ethiopia, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health


“(The consistent acceptance of TCNJ communication studies department student scholarly papers at national conferences) is truly astounding! Bear in mind that TCNJ students are not competing with other undergraduates. They are competing with professors and graduate students, indeed some of the best scholars in the discipline.”

Don Cegala, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication and Family Medicine, Ohio State University.


“I look forward to meeting each new “crop” of undergraduates the TCNJ communication studies department brings to National Communication Association annual meetings. They are truly the best among the brightest. I sometimes find myself spending far more time talking with TCNJ students than with noted colleagues!”

Don Cegala, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication and Family Medicine, Ohio State University.