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Graduates Return to Speak in Senior Practicum Class

On February 5, 2018, Kate Caratenuto (’16) was the first guest speaker of the 2018 season in the Senior Practicum course. A graduate of TCNJ, Caratenuto studied Radio, TV and Film in the Department of Communication Studies. Now an associate producer at Big Fish Entertainment in Manhattan, she returned to the Department to share her…

From must-see TV to TV anytime anywhere: How TV journalists have evolved and thrived in today’s 24/7 world

Our fourth Brown Bag lecture, featuring Emmy Award-winning television journalist and communication coach Jane Hanson, highlighted the importance of storytelling. Early in her presentation, Ms. Hanson expressed her belief, “Everything we do in life is about a story.” Throughout her career, she has learned the art of crafting and conveying stories, not only through what…