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Independent Study

To arrange an independent study:

  1. See if you qualify and have room on your schedule.
  2. Find a faculty advisor who will sponsor your independent study.
  3. Complete an Independent Study Contract (a written proposal and the enrollment form)
  4. Get all the required signatures and drop off the proposal and form at Records & Registration (Green Hall, Room 112)

(If you have additional questions, consult the policy info: Independent Study Policy Information)

The Independent Study Proposal

The student will prepare a written proposal containing the following information:

(1) A detailed description of the project
(2) The amount of time devoted to each major aspect of the project
(3) A description of prior course work or other experience which prepares the student for
the proposed activity
(4) The frequency and duration of meetings with the faculty sponsor
(5) Dates for completion of project milestones where applicable

The methods by which the student’s work will be evaluated must be clearly stated in the
proposal. Some appropriate forms of evaluation include a paper, a performance, and/or a

To determine the number of credits, the guideline of a minimum of 12 hours of effort per
week per course unit shall apply.