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Public & Mass Communication Specialization

The Communication Studies department course sequence for the Public/Mass Communication specialization:

Public/Mass Communication Program of Study


Core Course Selection for Public & Mass Communication (5)

COM 103: Introduction to Communication Theory
COM 117: Introduction to Film Studies, OR COM 118: Introduction to Television Studies, OR COM 242: Interpersonal Communication
COM 172: Introduction to Media Communication
COM 310: Theories of Persuasion
COM 390: Methods of Communication Research and Analysis


COM 117: Introduction to Film Studies (if not taken as a core course)
COM 118: Introduction to Television Studies (if not taken as a core course)
COM 201: Social Media: History, Theory, Practice (formerly COM370 Disruptive Force of Social Media)
COM 209: Broadcast Journalism
COM 210: Mass Media and the First Amendment
COM 240: Public Speaking in Business and Government
COM 241: Argumentation and Debate
COM 242: Interpersonal Communication
COM 261: Introduction to Public Relations
COM 271:
Film and Society
COM 280:
American Political Communication
COM 293:
Health & Risk Communication: A Social Marketing Approach
COM 313:
Philosophy of Communication
COM 345:
New Media and Health Communication
COM 371:
Strategies of Public Relations
COM 372:
Theories and Effects of Media Communication
COM 380:
Public Discussion of Vital Issues
COM 403:
Health Communication Campaigns: A Social Marketing Approach (Now COM 293)
COM 411:
Intercultural Communication
COM 415:
International Communication
COM 441:
Organization & Leadership
COM 460:
Global Health, Communication, and Social Change
COM 487:
Student-Faculty Advanced Research

Topics in Communication Studies (COM 270 or 370), Internship (COM 399), and Independent Study (COM 391) may be taken to complete the major. One unit each of internships or independent studies may count as electives toward the major.