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Radio, Television, & Film Specialization

The Communication Studies department has a suggested course sequence for the Radio/TV/Film specialization, which can be found at the link:

Radio/Television/Film Recommended Program of Study

Communication Studies department Student Laptop Specifications:

Communication Studies Student Laptop Specifications

Equipment resources for Radio/Television/Film program of study:

Equipment check out system


Radio, TV, & Film Core Courses (7)

COM 103: Introduction to Communication Theory
COM 117: Introduction to Film Studies OR COM 118: Introduction to Television Studies
COM 212: Introduction to Television Studio OR COM 211: Motion Picture Production I
COM 242: Interpersonal Communication OR COM 310: Theories of Persuasion
COM 312: The Art of Editing
COM 381: Issues in Film History OR COM 390: Methods of Communication Research
COM 442: Senior Practicum

Radio, TV, & Film 300 Level or Higher Elective Courses (2)

Select two courses from those listed below, please note that these elective courses must be 300 level or higher:
COM 311: Advanced Motion Picture Production
COM 313: Philosophy of Communication
COM 343: Looking at Women: Representation, Feminism, and Film
COM 350: Documentary Production
COM 368: Lighting and Cinematography
COM 369: Advanced Radio and Audio Production
COM 370: Screenwriting
COM 381: Issues in Film History
COM 430: Directing for the Camera

Other Communication Studies Electives (3)

Any additional Communication Studies courses, including courses from other tracks. Topics in Communication Studies (COM 370), Internship (COM 399), and Independent Study (COM 391) may be taken to complete the major. One unit each of internships or independent studies may count as electives toward the major.