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FAQs for Pre-Registration

When can you Pre-Register?  Pre-registration for Spring 2021 will be held ONLINE and open 10/16/20 for eligible Seniors only.  All eligible class levels are welcome 10/17 – 10/23/20.

Full details will be added soon!

     Pre-Registration Online Instructions

 Fall 2020 COM Courses                         Topics Notes Fall 2020

  1. What is pre-registration?

Pre-registration is a period of time that begins shortly before registration when students majoring or minoring in Communication Studies and Public Health select courses before they become available to students campus-wide.

  1. How does pre-registration work?

Students use the online link and select up to two COM courses.

(Public Health Majors/Minors, please contact your Program Assistant directly for instructions.)

Pre-Majors: If you have not yet taken one of our gateway courses (103, 117, 118, 172 or 242) you may register for up to ONE COM course.

  1. What do I need to have ready for pre-registration?
  • Have ready a choice of three or four COM classes. (In case you can’t get one of your first choices.)
    • Course Number
    • Course Name
    • Section Number
    • Course Instructor, optional.
  • Your PAWS ID
  1. How many COM courses can I pre-register for?

You can pre-register for up to two COM courses. If you want to take more than two COM courses, you will have to wait until registration starts for you in PAWS. You will select those courses by yourself in PAWS if there are seats available.  Pre-Majors, please see #2 for important details.

  1. Why do all the COM courses look closed or need Department permission in PAWS? I can’t put them in my cart. Can I still pre-register for them?

During the pre-registration week only, the majority of seats are reserved for you; that’s why courses appear closed or have Department permission required in PAWS. This is done so other students cannot register in PAWS by themselves. Once pre-registration ends and all of our students are enrolled, the remaining available seats will be open in PAWS for anyone who wishes to enroll in COM classes. You won’t be able to put our classes into your cart until regular registration opens.

  1. If a course fills up during pre-registration, can I be placed on a waitlist?

The waitlist for each course is kept in the pre-registration Google Sheet only during pre-registration. If you don’t get into the course you are waitlisted for during pre-registration, it is your responsibility to monitor PAWS in case a seat opens up. No waitlists are kept once pre-registration ends. Contact the instructor directly to add into a closed course.

  1. How do I register for courses other than COM courses (e.g., liberal learning, language, …)?

You are responsible to register for courses other than COM yourself. You will enroll in those courses in PAWS when your registration appointment window opens. To see your registration appointment date and time, check PAWS.

  1. I pre-registered on day one of pre-registration, why aren’t my courses showing in my schedule in PAWS immediately?

Your COM courses will show up in your schedule on PAWS by the first day that main campus-wide registration opens. Courses are entered manually once pre-registration ends.

  • After pre-registration ends, the department’s Program Assistant enters all COM courses in PAWS for students, thus eliminating the need for students to enroll in courses in PAWS themselves. There is nothing else students need to do for these two COM courses.
  1. Can I change the selection of my COM courses during pre-registration?

Yes, during pre-registration you can contact the Program Assistant and change your selections if there are seats available. Once pre-registration ends, you can swap/drop classes in PAWS by yourself until the end of the add/drop period.

  1. When should I see my advisor?

You should see your advisor before pre-registration to go over your requirements and discuss your schedule so you know what courses to pre-register and register for.

  1. I have holds on my account, can I still pre-register?

If you have holds on your account, you must resolve them immediately. If a hold is still on your account on the last day of pre-registration, we won’t be able to enroll you in courses you pre-registered for and this will cause you to lose your seat in those classes.

  1. I am studying abroad and can’t come to the office to pre-register in person. What should I do?

If you are abroad during pre-registration, email the Program Assistant. You will receive the online link vis email and participate in the same way as all COM Students.

  1. Public Health Majors and Minors are eligible for pre-registration for select COM courses. Contact your Program Assistant for details.