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Internship Spotlight – Danielle Silvia ’19

Name: Danielle Silviaheadshot

Major: Communication Studies

Track: Public and Mass

Minors: Public Health and Marketing

Graduation Year: Spring 2019

On-campus Involvement: Treasurer of Pre-Law Society, Social Media Coordinator of Catholic Campus Ministry, Production Manager of The Signal, Office Assistant for the Vice President for Student Affairs, Alpha Phi Omega

Internship: Insomnia Cookies in Ewing, NJ (January 2018 – Present)

What drew you to the Communication Studies department and major?

When I came to TCNJ, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study. I have always considered myself a people-oriented individual, and I love working with and learning from others. In addition, I enjoy writing and public speaking, so I figured communication studies would be a great start because of the versatility that the degree offers.

Describe your internship and your role?

I am a marketing representative, and I help grow the image of Insomnia Cookies by giving out free samples, dropping boxes of cookies off to organizations across campus, and organizing social media shares for Insomnia!

What was your best memory at your internship?

When I helped the business first begin during the grand opening, I really enjoyed learning about marketing and persuasive skills to efficiently grow the business and introduce the public to the delicious cookies!

What is one skill you have improved upon while at your internship?

I have learned how to merge business and consumer-focused marketing skills to draw in a diverse audience.

How did the Communication Studies Department prepare you for your internship?

The Communication Studies department at TCNJ has been primarily helpful by introducing me to the professors I have formed connections with over these last four years. Thanks to them and the skills that I have acquired in the classroom, I have been able to make even more connections that has led to amazing opportunities.

What are your career goals and how did your internship align with your goals?

I am currently deciding between attending law school after I graduate or pursuing a career in the communications industry. My internship fits my career goals because my goals are very diverse, but one common ground is that I want to help people and not sit behind a desk for the rest of my life. My internship experience at Insomnia has put me in the public, working with people, and trying to accomplish the ultimate goal to manage the best image for Insomnia possible. Whether I attend law school or find a career in the industry, I will be helping people clean up their messes and make solutions from problems, so this experience has definitely been really important to me!

Do you have any advice for students applying for internships?

I would definitely say do not be afraid to reach out to others and make connections. Be persistent and don’t give up if you get denied several times, because the more experiences you have, the better prepared you will be for a career someday as well as life in general.