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The First CommTuesday of the Semester

The Tradition Continues-Communication Studies Upperclassmen advise students on “Everything they always wanted to know about Internships-but were afraid to ask” 


Members of the Student Advisory Board (SAB) for the TCNJ Communication Studies Department conducted a lively, well attended, session on February 25th at the first CommTuesday of the 2020 spring semester. The first CommTuesday of the decade was off to a great start with an informative session where topics ranged from internship opportunities, to interview strategies and experiences uniquely available to Communication Studies majors. A number of SAB members including seniors Kim Tang, Alexis Blacknik, Alana Adams, and Caroline Muccifori, each shared their varied and interesting internship experiences and answered some great questions from their peers in attendance. The goal of all who attended was to better communicate within the department the best practices that have been utilized to successfully obtain valuable internship opportunities on and off campus, during the school year and for summer internships. Each story shared provided strategies students could utilize to help land their dream communication job after graduation. 

group discussion group group discussion

CommTuesday is the brainchild of the Department Chair, Dr. Hu, in collaboration with the SAB; it was designed to help build bonds between the various branches of studies between all Communication Studies majors. Senior Caroline Muccifori described CommTuesday as, “a chance for SAB members, like myself, to give others in the department valuable insights that helped them obtain a number of valuable internship experiences while at TCNJ.” Carly Nocchi, a sophomore SAB member, described the vision of CommTuesday as, “a safe place for students to share advice, grievances, and experiences all in hopes of benefiting one another and the department as a whole.” The next CommTuesday session is March 31st in the upper lounge of Kendall Hall. SAB hopes to see you all there!