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New Minor: Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism

Looking for a minor? We have a new one to introduce that combines courses from Journalism  & Professional Writing, Communication Studies, Interactive Multimedia and Art Visual Arts.

Minor in Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism


Five courses, one from each category:

  1. JPW 209 Broadcast Journalism
  2. COM 212 Introduction to Television Studio
  3. One of the following photo/video-related choices:
    1. COM 225 Writing and Announcing for Broadcasting
    2. JPW 360 Multimedia Storytelling
    3. IMM 342 Interactive Storytelling
    4. AAV 130 Photo 1
    5. AAV 231 Photo 2: Documentary Photo
    6. AAV 241 Video I
    7. AAV 331 Photo 3: Image and Narrative
    8. Topics course by advisement
  4. One of the following audio-related choices:
    1. COM 269 Production for Public Radio
    2. COM 369 Advanced Radio and Audio Production
    3. JPW 370 Topics in Journalism: Podcasting
    4. IMM 251 Audio Recording and Production
    5. Topics course by advisement
  5. One of the following:
    1. JPW 308 Media Law/COM 210 Mass Media and the First Amendment (cross-listed)
    2. JPW 309 Media Ethics

In accordance with College policy, at least half of the courses required for the minor must be completed at TCNJ or through a prior approved course exchange program. In addition, in accordance with College policy, at least two of the courses must be 300-level or above.

Students are strongly encouraged to obtain internships related to the minor.