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Internship Spotlight – Bella Trucco ’23

Name: Bella Trucco

Major: Communication Studies

Specialization: Interpersonal/Strategic

Graduation Year: 2023

On-Campus Involvement: The College Union Board (CUB), Anti Violence Initiatives (AVI), Her Campus TCNJ, TCNJ Asian American Pacific Islander Advocacy Campaign, Leadershape.

What drew you into Communication Studies?

I was originally drawn into Communication Studies because of how the major balances creativity and practicality, and encouraged me to deep-dive into a wide range of topics I genuinely found interesting.

For example, I was able to explore the business side of communication studies: such as marketing, public relations, media research & production, and copywriting. However, I gained a strong foundation of knowledge in the psychological side of what makes effective communication so important: such as conflict management, leadership development, and interpersonal/intercultural communication.

In this program, I had the freedom and independence to develop a well-rounded skill set and figure out what deeply interested me, so I could dive fully into just that. I also enjoy the flexibility of the course load, as it grants me the time in my schedule to add on two minors to my degree, and to fully immerse myself in my on-campus student involvements.

Describe your internship and your role:

I work with the Physical Sales and Marketing Department of Alternative Distribution Alliance Worldwide, Warner Music Group’s distribution company for independent labels and artists. As an intern, some of my daily tasks include tracking street-sale dates and presale dates of vinyl records and CDs, developing reports analyzing sales data for record labels, and attending meetings with my team!

What is one skill that you improved upon while at your internship?

During my time in this role, I have improved upon my Microsoft Excel abilities, creative problem solving, time management, and workplace confidence!