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Internship Spotlight – Kim Sandve ’23

Kim Sandve '23

Name: Kim Sandve

Major: Communication Studies

Specialization: Digital Filmmaking and Television

Graduation Year: 2023

On-Campus Connections:  Tri Sigma

Where and where did you intern?  Writers House Literary Agency from February to May 2023

What drew you into COM?

I chose Communication Studies largely because it teaches a wide range of skills that come in handy with a lot of different career avenues. Specifically, I enjoy film history and screenwriting, and found that the courses offered catered to my interests!

Describe your internship and your role:

As an intern at Writers House, I work directly under a literary agent helping her manage her duties, as well as attend weekly meetings and tutorials that offer a wider scope of what the publishing industry offers in terms of careers, as well as learning how to fine tune our skills in our daily practices. Under my supervisor, I write readers reports, editorial letters, and pitch letters for clients, as well as evaluate queries and manuscripts, and send out rejection letters.

What is one skill you improved upon while at your internship?

One skill I improved upon at this internship is my ability to structurally edit stories and manuscripts. I learnt a lot of the underlying skills in a number of the screenwriting classes I’ve taken, but being able to use these skills in practice and offer editorial advice to authors looking to get published taught me a lot more about how to apply story theory to a wide range of stories in varying genres and age groups!