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About the Department

Match your message to your medium at TCNJ. Choose from three specializations— public communication and mass media, radio/television/film, or interpersonal and organizational communication—and earn an outstanding education. Our program integrates deep conceptual knowledge with strong practical experience, through close collaboration with faculty mentors whose influence stretches from scholarly research to creative media production. The result? Students do more than master the technical skills of the discipline—they learn to think critically about the way messages are created, conveyed, and consumed in modern society.

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Recent News

National Leader

Student achievement earns us kudos as the #1 undergraduate communication studies program in the nation. The National Communication Association, bestowing the award in 2013, singled out close faculty mentorship and the success of our students in scholarly research, professional projects, and national leadership.



Distinguished Faculty

Our professors are distinguished researchers and filmmakers who guide students through each step of the scholarly and creative process. With their faculty mentors, students have co-authored research papers presented at academic conferences and collaborated on all phases of film and video production, including writing, directing, and producing.

Pathways to Success

Students apply classroom learning to practical experience: producing programs for Lions TV, filming a documentary on a public health issue, or conducting research on political campaigns or family dynamics. Graduates leverage these achievements into success at big-name companies (NBC, Cinemax, HarperCollins) and top-notch grad schools (NYU, UCLA, Johns Hopkins).